The Nebraska Sessions: A Tribute

Back in 1982 Bruce Springsteen released 'Nebraska', a collection of sparsely recorded tracks originally intended to be demos for his sixth studio album.

Almost exactly 30 years later the UK's Clubhouse Records gathered a group of musicians together at The Betsey Trotwood pub in London to pay tribute to this fantastic album cialis cheap online.

Throughout the course of a single day, 10 bands recorded the album’s 10 tracks live on a TEAC Tascam Series 246 4-Track cassette recorder just like The Boss did back in the day.

Acts involved on the day include; Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou, The Dreaming Spires, Danny George Wilson, The Cedars, Case Hardin, The Redlands Palomino Company, The Hi and Lo, Mad Staring Eyes, The Arlenes and Michele Stodart.


The Nebraska Sessions: A Tribute - Various Artists