(Left to Right) Tim Emery, Andy Bastow, Jim Maving, Pete Gow & Roland Kemp

'Colours Simple' is Case Hardin's fourth long playing record, but it's really a record of three's...  it's their third recording for Clubhouse Records... 

It is also - more prosaically - the third Case Hardin record with the word 'three ' in a song title.. 'Three For The Road' (Some Tunes For Charlie Spencer - 2007), 'Three Beautiful Daughters' (PM - 2013) and now 'These Three Cities'.... a casual recounting of a bar-  stool conversation with a Dubai prostitute over the merits of Phil Spector as a record producer... we've all been there?

‘Colours Simple is an album lovers album, where characters tumble into each other for better or (mostly) worse, stoires and ideas spilling out into the night like drunks from a bar’ – Andy Fyfe Q/ Mojo

Case Hardin take their name from Boston Teran's noir thriller 'God Is A Bullet' (Pan 2000). In the finest tradition of naming groups, it came about by virtue of being little more than a character name in the book songwriter Pete Gow was reading when the call came through that they had secured their first gig; necessity was, as is so often the way, the mother of invention on that day.

But can the name and the naming be written off so casually? To ‘case harden’ means to toughen by experience…. and the ‘Gow, Emery, Bastow, Maving’ nucleus of Case Hardin has toughened its look, toughened its direction, its sound and toughed it out through various musicians who came and went over the years.

2012’s ‘PM’ album stood, in the critics eyes, as a high point. A benchmark for a band firmly ‘in the pocket’, providing perfectly poised musical vehicles for the work of a  songwriter who unmistakably ‘arrived’…

‘Pete Gow is a songwriter like no other’ – Q (Roots Album of the Month)

It seems Case Hardin is all about the story and the telling of that story. In concert Gow’s songs are carried by the power of that band, unswervingly dedicated to being in the service of those songs.

‘Incredible… Case Hardin rock harder than most’ – Maverick Festival 2015

A Case Hardin live show is a multi- faceted beast. Gow solo? A duo? Acoustic or a full tilt four piece, sometimes augmented by regulars and pick- up musicians alike. Each night the songs are different, they have to be... framed for the audience... or the band… or the mood… often all three. 

No biography on Case Hardin can be completed without a mention in dispatches for those who served... Hana Piranha, Adam Kotz, Del Skinner, Paul 'Billy Bob' Thornton, Ian Cadge.

Without whom etc, etc